Who we are

THE HALVA LAB was born from an idea of ​​Marco Mazzacani and Rossana Monterosso, managers in New York City and a couple in life.

Proud Italians but citizens of the world, curious and passionate about different gastronomic cultures, during their travels they fall in love with this extraordinary product called HALVA, almost unknown in our country.

"It was a stroke of lightning! I remember the sensation of creamy sweetness pervading the mouth as if it were today, slowly melting and then magically dissolving, leaving a nutty and enveloping taste"

Two careers launched, Marco in sales, Rossana in finance, a life together between Italy and the United States , but always a common aspiration to entrepreneurship. It's 2021, the world has changed, the times are ripe. Weeks of analysis and reflections. Finally the decision was made: to return and set up the first HALVA workshop in Italy.

The managerial experience in companies in the food sector is combined with the ambition to reinterpret a product of the Mediterranean tradition and re-propose it in a new guise.

Determined to create something special, they visit small artisanal producers in Greece, Turkey and Israel, then two years tinkering and experimenting with recipes and techniques, but one clear goal: a WOW product, delicious and natural!

"In general, HALVA is the combination of sesame cream, also called Tahina, and sugar. But the real magic lies in the process and technique; it is this that creates its unique texture. In many countries, you have to apprentice to become a master of HALVA! Often passed down from generation to generation, it's a skill that requires dedication and strong shoulders. It's a long and fascinating process."

The search for the best ingredients, patient hand-crafting, and a pinch of Made in Italy taste and creativity.

Little things combine to make a big difference.

Small productions in small lots. Love and care in every single piece of HALVA.

It's 2023. The first HALVA artisan workshop was born in Italy.

Welcome to Halvaland!